“One of Gillian’s greatest strengths is her versatility. She quickly and reliably delivers superb written work no matter the assignment … You name it, she can do it. She also possesses a rare combination of skills and experience. There are few writers out there who are both experienced journalists and experienced in the art of international development communications. There’s no doubt, Gillian’s definitely a cut above the rest and my first ‘go-to’ writer for myriad projects.”
Jennifer Abrahamson, Director of Communications, Ploughshares Fund

“When the story you want to tell matters, Gillian is the writer to trust. She has a special blend of composer’s pitch, poet’s word judgment and trained observer’s truth telling that place the subject matter right under your skin.”

Jeannie Bunton, Executive Vice President, Communications and Marketing, Chief of Staff, Consumer Bankers Association

“Gillian does more than just tell a story with her writing. She has a special ability for opening a door into the lives of people in ordinary and extraordinary situations. The interviewing, researching, analyzing and writing skills she mastered as a veteran journalist are invaluable to organizations like mine that are eager to share their missions, goals and programs with the wider world in an engaging way. She’s also easy to work with, and always meets my deadlines and my expectations.”

Janette Rodrigues, Editorial Director, American Academy of Physician Assistants
“Having worked for NGOs in the past, Gillian understands not only the issues, but also the time and financial constraints that nonprofits usually deal with. Overall, it was a pleasure to work with her and we were very happy with the final product. Gillian definitely helped us better convey our successes to the program’s donor.”
Luisa Villegas, Program Director for South America, Pan American Development Foundation
“Gillian’s work reminds us that beyond the ever-blurring boundaries of journalism, nonprofit communication and marketing, at the core of it all is stories. And at the heart of real stories are people, particularly the disenfranchised and overlooked for whom Gillian has an extraordinary ability and passion for reaching. Her experiences telling untold stories around the world and in our own backyard remind us that humanity connects issues and organizations to audiences. And that storytelling skills make a difference in many industries and mediums.”
Angie Chuang, Assistant Professor, American University School of Communication