Project Description


FHI 360


Content strategy, Event planning and communications, Message development, Publications management, Strategic communications, Writing


FHI 360 hired Gillian to lead internal and external communications for a new $4 million initiative on integrated development, which FHI 360 defines as an intentional approach that links the design, delivery and evaluation of programs across more than one sector. FHI 360 believes that taking this more holistic approach to the interrelated challenges faced by many in resource-limited countries has the potential to make a more enduring difference in people’s lives. Through the initiative, the organization aimed to build the evidence and advance the global conversation on the promise offered by integrated development solutions.

Gillian designed the communications strategy for the initiative and implemented it in collaboration with FHI 360’s corporate communications team. Her work included developing messaging, talking points, marketing materials and editorial content as well as establishing and managing an integrated development newsletter for FHI 360 staff worldwide. As part of the effort to spur dialogue about integrated strategies, Gillian led communications for an event series FHI 360 held annually in New York City and managed an online series about integrated development that FHI 360 carried out in partnership with Devex, the media platform for the global development community. She also conceptualized and produced a summit on integrated development, which was attended by practitioners, donors and policymakers from the United States, Guatemala, Mozambique, Nepal and Uganda. Gillian wrote the guidance document Integrated Approaches for Complex Global Challenges, based on insights gleaned from the summit.

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